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Smithfield Foods Inc. sets ambitious sustainability goals for 2030

Smithfield Foods Inc. has announced its sustainability goals for 2030, as outlined in its annual sustainability report. The company aims to achieve carbon-negative status at its company-owned facilities in the United States, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% across its supply chain, and obtain 50% of its electricity from renewable sources. Smithfield’s sustainability strategy encompasses various categories, including animal welfare, environment, community involvement, worker safety, food safety, health and wellness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Stewart Leeth, highlighted the progress made in the past year, such as a comprehensive watershed analysis, advancements in food loss and waste goals, and an expanded renewable energy footprint. Smithfield’s efforts align with established standards from organizations like the Global Reporting Initiative, the IFRS Foundation’s SASB Standards, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The company also emphasized its partnerships in developing renewable natural gas systems and its commitment to racial diversity in its leadership team.

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