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About Us

‘Welcome to GroceryGeniuses Weekly Business Newsletter’

The global food and grocery retail industry is expected to surpass $17T by 2027, expanding at an annual rate of 5%. During this time, digitisation is set to transform the entire food value chain from farm to fork. Our weekly newsletter covers innovations and disruptions in food and grocery industry.

Our team of in-house content authors curates high quality grocery industry trends and insights from 150+ journals from across the globe. Sign up to our weekly newsletter and stay informed about grocery industry disruptions happening in US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

GroceryGeniuses is part of IndustryGeniuses (A place where industries meet innovation). We are rolling out content platforms for the world’s hottest industries such as Food & Grocery Retail, Consumer Goods and Healthcare. For each of these key industries, we support industry leaders as they roll out next generation digital initiatives. 

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