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Walmart utilises AI-powered software to enhance delivery efficiency and diversify business offerings

Walmart Inc. expands its business scope by offering AI-based software designed to optimise delivery efficiency, leveraging its internal success that saved $90 million in a year. The AI-driven software streamlines truck routes, ensuring timely deliveries to stores. Anshu Bhardwaj, Walmart’s SVP and COO of global technology, aims to empower businesses with Walmart’s technology. Pricing is customised based on factors like volume and usage frequency. This move aligns with Walmart’s strategy of diversifying beyond retail, as evidenced by ventures into advertising, marketplace expansion, and the recent acquisition of Vizio Holding Corp. Walmart’s commerce technologies unit targets retailers, signalling potential expansion into other industries. AI integration spans workforce and inventory management, with recent innovations including a generative AI tool for personalised shopping. Similar diversification efforts are seen in competitors like Target Corp. and Kroger Co.

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