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Giant Food unveils state-of-the-art e-commerce fulfilment centre, expanding delivery access and speeds

Giant Food has unveiled its latest e-commerce fulfillment center in Manassas, Virginia. With an area of 82,000 square feet, the facility expands delivery access to thousands of new customers in northern Virginia and enables same-day delivery in as little as three hours, along with free midweek delivery. Equipped with advanced batch-picking software and an efficient conveyor system, the centre enhances shopping speeds for customers. Additionally, Giant is the first grocer in Virginia to offer beer and wine delivery through its e-commerce facility. The company’s director of e-commerce, Gregg Dorazio, emphasised the commitment to providing convenience and affordable options to customers. The new fulfilment centre is expected to create 200 new jobs in the local community, furthering Giant’s impact as a local employer.

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