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Loblaw Partners with TC Energy for Canada’s first carbon-free energy deal, revolutionising power supply for Alberta stores

Loblaw Companies Limited, one of Canada’s largest retailers, has announced a groundbreaking carbon-free energy deal that will power its supermarkets, drugstores, offices, and distribution centres in Alberta using renewable energy sources.  

This initiative marks the first of its kind in Canada and will eliminate carbon emissions associated with the company’s electricity purchases in Alberta while reducing its nationwide operating emissions by 17%. Over 280 locations, including popular stores like Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart, will be powered by over 300,000 megawatt hours of carbon-free energy annually. The arrangement, made with TC Energy, leverages solar panels, wind turbines, and a pumped-hydro energy storage station to ensure round-the-clock availability of carbon-free power. Loblaw’s commitment to net-zero emissions by 2040 is furthered by this innovative energy transition.

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