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Procurant and Tive develop food safety and tracking technologies for supermarkets

Food safety and traceability companies are always developing new ways for individuals who transport or store perishable food to do so in a safe and transparent manner. Tive Inc. of Boston now has 5G trackers that provide real-time shipment tracking technology, and Procurant, a Watsonville, Calif.-based company that provides procurement-, food safety-, and traceability-related software, is looking into a new venture to help supermarkets comply with Rule 204 of the Food and Drug Administration’s 12-year-old Food Safety Modernization Act. Tive Inc.’s Solo 5G Trackers employ the most advanced worldwide cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS technology, whilst Procurant’s Tive Tag is a paper-thin, flexible label that is triggered at the start of a shipment and scanned again at the destination. Procurant feels it is in a great position to assist retailers in meeting the new tracking standards since it already has a presence in supermarkets with its food safety mobile devices and a produce inspection tool in distribution facilities. The corporation feels it has a head start on what the market will need to accomplish.

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