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Kroger expands partnership with Cooler Screens to bring smart screens and digital experiences to 500 stores

The Kroger Co. is expanding its partnership with Cooler Screens, an in-store retail media company backed by Microsoft. Smart screens will be introduced into 500 Kroger stores across the United States, offering shoppers a digital media and merchandising experience. Cooler Screens utilises an IoT-enabled advertising and analytics platform that allows brands to engage with customers in brick-and-mortar stores. The company’s nationwide network already reaches over 90 million viewers monthly and is expected to reach over 200 million per month by early 2024. Kroger sees this collaboration as an opportunity to enhance the future of retail media and create an engaging experience for customers, associates, and brands by integrating Cooler Screens’ digital experiences with their data science platform. Cooler Screens aims to provide targeted and relevant advertising by expanding its platform beyond coolers to other areas in stores.

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