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Giant Eagle partners with Stingray for innovative audio advertising solutions

Giant Eagle’s Leap Media Group expands its content offerings by partnering with Stingray, a distributor of music and video content, to introduce audio advertising solutions. These solutions aim to engage shoppers during their in-store journey, connecting brands with high-intent consumers. Joell Robinson, Giant Eagle’s senior director, emphasises the goal of enhancing customer experiences through personalised audio ads. The collaboration with Stingray enables Leap to showcase new offerings beyond the e-commerce realm, extending its reach to customers across Giant Eagle’s 470 stores and online platforms. Nancy Perkins, SVP of Stingray Advertising, highlights the partnership’s commitment to delivering contextually relevant advertising experiences. With Stingray’s network spanning 23,600 locations, this collaboration strengthens Giant Eagle’s position as a leading retailer focused on innovation and sustainability.

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