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Four trends are changing the digital supply chain landscape

Previous supply chain models almost seem redundant now as they are no more adding any value to businesses. The modern digital supply chain model is shaped by four new trends.

1. Retailers have to cope with the elevated prevalence of e-commerce shopping, as reports reveal 30% higher online shopping penetration than pre-COVID19. 

2. They also have to deal with higher customer expectations about delivery speed.

3. Retailers need to offer more extra space within retail outlets. 

4. Increasing pressure on cost and challenges posed by labour also influence corporate decisions about the digital supply chain. 

Brands can use three fulfilment strategies to innovate the digital supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. Within the store: They need to free up extra space within the retail outlet to fulfil changing consumer demands. Around the store: Mini-fulfilment centres and a network of dark stores help brands offer quick delivery service. Neighbourhood warehouse: Warehouses located in the suburbs of an area can serve customers living in a concentrated market within a 20-minute radius. 

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