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DoorDash reports strong Q1 sales, driven by growth in grocery and convenience categories

During its earnings call, DoorDash Inc. announced robust sales for the first quarter of 2023, with significant growth in its grocery and convenience store sales. Total orders increased by 27% to reach 512 million, while revenue surged by 40% to exceed $2 billion. The company emphasised its continued investments in the non-restaurant side of its business, leading to substantial year-over-year growth in non-restaurant categories such as grocery and convenience. DoorDash attributed the strong performance in these categories to improvements in product quality, including partnerships with major grocers like Aldi. The company aims to enhance the grocery delivery experience by improving accuracy, substitution, and delivery convenience. While acknowledging the progress made, DoorDash recognises the need for further advancements to match the offline grocery experience in terms of quality and affordability.

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