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Coborn’s partners with Picadeli to introduce innovative salad bars in Midwest supermarkets

Coborn’s has partnered with Picadeli of Sweden to introduce technology-enabled salad bars in 15 of its Midwestern supermarkets, aiming to revitalise a store staple disrupted by the pandemic. The first salad bars will debut in Sauk Rapids and Waite Park, Minnesota, with plans for further expansion. Coborn’s decision stemmed from Picadeli’s innovative approach showcased at an industry event, offering data-driven insights to optimise product variety and quantity. Picadeli’s self-service stations, equipped with closable hoods for freshness and cleanliness, require less staff time compared to traditional setups. Inspired by Schnucks’ successful implementation, Coborn’s anticipates increased sales and customer satisfaction. The move underscores a shift towards convenience and normalcy, with Coborn’s planning to charge $9.99 per pound for Picadeli salads while maintaining traditional salad bars at select locations.

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