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Albertsons becomes the first grocery chain to sell products through the metaverse

Albertsons is the first supermarket in the metaverse to sell and deliver actual products. Puma, Gucci, Gap, and Timberland have all recently joined the virtual arena. However, there is still some scepticism about completely permitting metaverse experiences in the food sector. In terms of shopping, 74% of customers polled in March had heard of the metaverse. 68% call it the “new internet,” and 74% say it represents the future. Only 15% believe they could explain what the metaverse is, and parents are concerned about their children’s privacy.

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The metaverse may give certain advantages to grocers: Earlier this year, a report on marketing attribution platform Wicked Reports anticipated that the metaverse would assist supermarkets in dealing with staff shortages, navigating supply and demand difficulties, and optimising the consumer experience. Though acceptance is gradual, supermarkets such as Albertsons’ Meta Mega Deal are beginning to explore virtual worlds.

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