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Achieving TikTok success in 2024: Strategies for marketers

TikTok is emerging as a powerful social commerce platform, and here are five strategies for marketers to succeed in 2024. Firstly, capitalise on TikTok’s discovery angle, as it’s increasingly a hub for product discovery among Gen Z. Second, target Gen Z and millennials, as they are more likely to make purchases on TikTok compared to older generations. Third, leverage TikTok’s algorithm, which allows anyone, including micro-influencers, to go viral and reach a broad audience. Fourth, explore livestreaming, as TikTok is a top platform for influencer-led livestreams, and the platform is integrating live shopping features. Finally, understand that competition is fierce, so marketers should create engaging and authentic content in line with TikTok trends to capture users’ attention.

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