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Upside unveils mobile payment innovation and brand refresh, accelerating growth in fintech

Fintech firm Upside is undergoing significant changes in its product and brand identity to enhance the experiences of both food retailers and users. After a year of successful testing and positive feedback, Upside’s mobile payment option has achieved a $20 million run rate in retailer sales. This option will soon be available to all Upside users and additional leading food retailers. The goal is to provide a seamless, secure mobile payment process and faster cash-back experiences, leading to increased satisfaction and user engagement. Upside’s platform now boasts 100,000 participating retailers, doubling its number since the previous year. Alongside these changes, Upside is refreshing its branding, including its visual identity, mission statement, and website, to improve the experience for both retailers and users. The company, founded in 2016, has partnered with over 100,000 grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores, reaching 30 million consumers through its app and partner apps. Additionally, Upside has earned recognition on Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for two consecutive years, ranking 1,292nd in the latest edition.

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