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IGA Partners with AppCard to Boost Customer Engagement and Sales Growth

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) has partnered with AppCard, a personalised marketing and shopper analytics solution, to offer independent grocers a powerful tool for customer engagement and sales growth. Through seamless integration with IGA’s network, AppCard promises personalised promotions, targeted marketing, and a streamlined loyalty programme to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. AppCard’s CEO, Yair Goldfinger, emphasises the shared commitment to supporting independent grocers and transforming the shopping experience. Michael La Kier, IGA VP Brand Development, sees the collaboration as aligning with their mission to provide resources for success in today’s retail environment. Leveraging machine learning and AI, AppCard aims to deliver tailored offers to shoppers, processing over 1 billion transactions annually. As part of IGA’s Red Oval Family Partnership Programme, this collaboration strengthens support for member stores in a competitive market.

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