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HelloFresh teams up with Twitch to broadcast a cooking competition Livestream

HelloFresh, a Berlin-based meal-kit providing firm, has partnered with Twitch, an Amazon-owned Livestreaming service, to broadcast a cooking competition show. The show, called “Unleash the Feast” lets viewers partake in the competition to win amazing hampers, discount codes and free shipping from HelloFresh. The show is hosted by Soe Gschwind, Guy Blaze and Chef Tricia Wang. Chef Tricia helps the participants prepare HelloFresh meals and win the competition. Viewers watching the Livestream can win discounts by posting comments on the on-screen feed of Twitch. They can also vote for their favourite dishes. Many grocers and food brands still think Livestreaming is relevant, and another source to increase customer engagement.

Full story: GroceryDive 

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