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DoorDash and Brighter Bites team up to deliver fresh produce to children in need nationwide

DoorDash partners with Brighter Bites to extend produce delivery to children in need across the US, expanding access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Through the Produce Rx programme, DoorDash aims to reach beyond Houston by 2025, aligning with the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health’s goal to end hunger by 2030. Daniel Riff, from DoorDash, emphasises the transformative impact of local delivery in promoting health and wellness. A forthcoming study with Brighter Bites will evaluate the impact of Produce Rx boxes on Medicaid-eligible families with obese children. Mike Pomeroy of Brighter Bites highlights the critical need for dietary intervention in at-risk children. DoorDash’s recent initiatives also include offering SNAP/EBT grocery delivery nationwide and promoting healthy products on its platform, furthering its commitment to improving healthy food access.

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