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A platform named Crstl, helping DTC brands expand into retail

Crstl, a SaaS application and platform located in San Francisco, has secured $4.4 million in early investment to continue developing its no-code electronic data exchange (EDI) for brands, manufacturers, and distributors. Dipti Desai, the company’s CEO, discovered that expanding beyond direct-to-consumer into retail, online marketplaces, and wholesale proved difficult for small firms. As a result, the firm is joining the ranks of organisations, such as Logicbroker, that use EDI to move information digitally from one company to another. Crstl has built an AI-powered network of trade partners and connectors, as well as a no-code EDI workflow that allows firms to instantly connect to and transact with the network. It also offers clear pricing as well as compliance, testing, and certification, along with the generation of compliant shipping labels and packing slips. It has over 50 partners and has already facilitated 50,000 business-to-business shipments worth millions of dollars between brands and big players such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and CVS.

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