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Mezli, a containerised robotic restaurant, rolls out its first-ever outlet in San Francisco

Mezli, a robotic restaurant, is launching its first outlet to customers. The containerised restaurant will be situated at the Spark Social food truck park in the Mission Bay area. Three Stanford graduates, including Alex Kolchinski, Alex Gruebele, and Maxwell Perham, have co-founded this restaurant startup. The food is prepared and saved by the chefs in the containerised robotic kitchen facility. When diners order food from its mobile apps and kiosks with touch screens, robots begin heating and serving the food. Once ready to be served, the meals are placed in tech-enabled lockers on one end of the Mezli container, and customers can pick them up. The Mezli robotic system is able to pump out up to 75 meals per hour.

Full story: The Spoon 

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